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Beyond "just a logo" your brand is a full representation of the relationship you hope to have with your audience. From the emotions it invokes to business goals to accomplish, your brand should align visually and strategically at every touch point. The services below are meant to accomplish just that. 

Get your brand to look professional and aligned with your audience. Publish a website that will sell your product and grow trust within your customers. Make every interaction with your brand an experience your customers will love and share.

Brand Strategy - Deep dive into the "why" of your brand and how to align with your customer while setting yourself apart in the industry. Your brand strategy is the essence and core of your brand from which the logo, colors, fonts, and every other design element branches from.  It includes:

Branding Strategy & Design

Fully Custom Web Design on Shopify – Create a fully branded e-commerce site that correctly represents the brand and the business' goals.

Website Design & Development

Brand Collateral – Ensure consistency of design quality and production through all brand channels. Establish a high-end look for all brand channels. Includes:

Printed & Digital Collateral

Brand Purpose

Industry Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Target Audience

Brand Tone & Voice

Vision and Values

Brand Design - Includes all of your brand visuals like 




Design Elements

Brand Guidelines


Design the navigation scheme for a better consumer experience. 

Mobile Friendly and Responsive 

Develop page layout with the brand look and feel to be used throughout the site.

Add any apps relevant to brand's e-commerce objectives and for a better consumer experience

Email Templates

Social Media Templates

Social Media Banners

Branded Gifs

Instagram Highlights

Tissue Paper Design

Mailer Design

Product Labels

Product Boxes

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Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Building a brand together is a custom, sometimes intimate, experience. I want to hear your dreams and goals about your business and make sure I am the right person to bring them to life. 

In our call we discuss expectations, pricing, timeline and services that may be custom just to your project depending on your needs. 

let’s get on a call

i want to know you

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Step 5

If we are a good match, then the next steps are signing your proposal, contract and making a deposit for your desired start date. 

I’m a one-designer studio which means that you only ever work with me throughout the entirety of your project. It also means I can only take a few clients at a time. 

When you sign your contract and pay your deposit you are committing to working with me at the reserved date.  

Make it Official

proposal + contract + deposit

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Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Getting all of your assets, thoughts and visions together for me cohesively is your biggest responsibility through this project. It allows me to get to know you and your business better and it results in cohesive, beautiful brands that stant out and communicate effectively with your consumer.

do your homework

prepping for your project

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Step 3

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Step 5

On your project start date I review all of your submissions and start designing. If I have any further questions, I reach out at this point to clarify. After about 2-4 weeks of design I reach out to schedule a call and go over your brand strategy together live over a video call. 

Project Start date


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After our call we go over any desired changes or concept adjustments and set a timeline. If we are working together for website and collateral as well, we begin the ground work for these. Once everything is done and you are happy with the outcome, the project is officially completed.

Changes & Deliverables

the end

How it works!


see portfolio

For this project you will need....

an open mind to get surprised with new concepts and ideas you hadn’t considered but will be good for your business

attitude & time to get things done (aka your homework)

professional pictures that convey the essence of your brand (not needed to start but will be required as part of the project)

to effectively convey the changes you would like to see if you don’t love something, “I don’t love it, I don’t know why” won’t cut it

above all, you need to be open to this being a fun and joyful experience. 

We will not be a good match if

you just need a quick logo

you are not serious about growing your brand

You don’t have professional pictures, or have any plan to get them

You are not ready to collaborate and do your part of the work

expect communication out of the studio working hours 

Typically it takes about 2-4 weeks to finalize branding, depending on the feedback, changes, or if we had to clarify something after the project start date it might take longer. If we are working on website development and collateral as well, I ask for an extra design week to be able to explore initial design for those pieces as well. I like being able to present a completed brand. 

Website development can range anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on how quickly we can go over feedback, the platform being used and whether images and written content are ready to be uploaded. 

How long does it take you to finish a project?

Yes, I do. I offer payment plans for up to 6 months. The total of the project is divided in 6 equal parts and the first payment is charged in advance as your deposit. 

Keep in mind that in a payment plan you will have a bill every month at a set date regardless of milestone achieved during the project's timeline. That means that the first month of working together you could have completed two payments (deposit & first month bill) without seeing a presentation if somehow your project got pushed back or falls within the 4-5 week timeline. 

do you offer payment plans?

Branding is an important part of your business and it doesn’t just include your logo. It includes the full identity of your brand and how your audience perceives you. 

I don’t feel comfortable offering a service that will perform poorly and not achieve the level of quality we offer.

what if I just want a simple logo?

I do discovery calls so we can get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to work together. Creating and developing a brand and website together is a unique relationship that can’t be diminished to a price point. 

I also like to go over pricing and expectations together during the call and offer any actionable advice if I have any. 

Why do i need to get on a call, why can’t you just email me the prices?

No. I’m a boutique studio that only focuses on 2-3 clients a month. Once you sign your contract and make your deposit I book out your project dates and don’t intake any more clients for that month. If you cancel, your deposit is my retribution for the missed opportunities. 

We allow one re-schedule per project at an extra fee. 

Do i get my deposit back if i decide to cancel?

In the 2-4 weeks it takes me to design your brand you are likely not to hear from me. I reach out once the brand is completed and I'm ready to present everything to you. However, you can reach out to me any time if you have any questions or updates about your brand you would like me to consider. 

How often do I get updates on my project while you are designing?

I work primarily with Shopify for e-commerce brands and Showit for bloggers. Please keep in mind you will have to pay for this platforms individually for hosting. You also need to pay for your own domain wither through these companies or GoDaddy.

Which website platform do you use to make my website?

Yes! I like working with past clients because that means I get to finetune my work and evolve with them. If you want to continue working together, reach out to me separately after your project is done to scope out what’s needed and how I can be of help. 

Can i keep working with you after our project is done?


Ready to work together? Fill out my contact form and you'll receive a link to schedule a call together and discuss your project in details. Cant wait to hear from you!

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