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Does THIS sound like you?

You are committed to taking the pictures & doing whatever is needed to make it be the best possible

You’ve done everything to this point yourself, including your website, but it’s time to take it professional and expand your brand to where you know you can’t do it alone. 
You want a brand that is able to fully represent you and how you help your audience in a unique way. You want to enhance the experience of your customers to a simple system that screams your vibe at every touch point. Most importantly, you want to start playing with the big boys and need a brand that will put you in the field, looking professional and setting you apart in the best way!

Above all, you want to serve your audience & your customers & provide the best experience

You’re ready to take your business to the next level

You want a brand that reflects you

You are willing to learn anything or put the systems in place for your brand to work

Hi There!

I’m Nat, your new Designer & Branding Wizard

Hello there! My name is Nathalie Fleitas, but you can call me Nat. I’m a branding expert and designer that just loveeees creating e-commerce brands. 

My goal is to be able to position your brand in a way that your consumer will feel right at home. You believe in the solution your business has to offer, my job is making your brand relevant and accessible to those who need you and want to buy from you.

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Beyond "just a logo" your brand is a full representation of the relationship you hope to have with your audience. From the emotions it invokes, to business goals to accomplish, your brand should align visually and strategically at every touch point. Let's create a strategic brand that sets apart in the industry while connecting emotionally with your customer.

Website Design

Your website is the storefront of your business! Let's design a website that is aligned with the essence of your brand and simply works to sell your products. 
We like infusing our websites with personality and functionality. Let's add all the small details that make your brand unique, while creating a seamless experience that guides the customer to a purchase.


Beyond your website, is your brand represented across all of your business’ touch points? If not, these services are all you need to give your business the three-dimmensional remake it needs. Choose whether you would like social media or email templates, gifs, or printed material like tissue paper and business cards. 


Nat has been a dream come true! My website is so spectacular, something I could not have accomplished without her. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does and it shows.

Veronica (Celestial Lux Boutique)

Page over some of my most loved work including boutiques, jewelry stores, blogs and more!

Get inspired but be original! Working together should bring forth the unique and authentic qualities of your brand. 

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